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Vertigo Specialist

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If you often feel like the room is spinning around you or constant dizziness interferes with your health, you may have vertigo. At Reform Ortho & Sports Rehab in Dallas, Texas, experienced chiropractor Travis Mann, DC, is skilled in treating vertigo with a variety of noninvasive chiropractic techniques. He assesses the cause of your vertigo symptoms and creates a treatment plan to alleviate the severity and frequency of your dizziness. Schedule an evaluation for vertigo today by calling the office or booking a consultation online now.

Vertigo Q & A

What is vertigo?

Vertigo is a condition that causes you to feel lightheaded or dizzy. People with vertigo also experience sensations like the room they’re in is spinning even when the person is standing or lying still.

The condition is often the result of problems in your inner ear, but vertigo can also indicate a more serious problem in your brain or the pathways of your sensory nerves. In many cases, misalignments in the spine are a common cause of frequent vertigo.

You can also develop vertigo as a side effect of other conditions, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Motion sickness
  • Poor circulation
  • Balance problems
  • Low blood pressure
  • Nausea and vomiting

It’s important to seek an evaluation with Dr. Mann to determine the root cause of your vertigo symptoms and rule out more serious health issues.

How is vertigo diagnosed?

If you experience dizziness due to a head injury, seek immediate medical treatment at the local ER to prevent a worsening of your symptoms or other health complications.

If vertigo symptoms develop over time for no apparent reason, Dr. Mann performs in-office tests, evaluating the movement of your head and eyes and your balance. Based on the severity of your symptoms, Dr. Mann creates a treatment plan to reduce the frequency of vertigo episodes.

What treatments are available for vertigo?

Chiropractic care is a highly effective treatment for vertigo, especially if your condition originates from misalignments in your spine or inner ear problems.

Dr. Mann determines which chiropractic techniques are most beneficial based on the root cause of your condition. He typically uses manual or instrument-assisted manipulations to restore alignment in your spinal joints, especially in the cervical spine, or neck.

For ear-related issues, Dr. Mann performs the Epley Maneuver, which helps to reposition the bony particles of your inner ear to restore balance. He may also discuss therapeutic exercises you can do to address vertigo caused by inner ear issues.

If your quality of life is affected by frequent vertigo symptoms, learn how chiropractic care can help by scheduling a consultation at Reform Ortho & Sports Rehab online or by calling the office today.